Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Facebook, Addiction and Suspended Accounts

According to the quiz was provided by BlueGlass, I am 78% addicted to social media.  Personally, I'd have guessed that percentage would have been higher, but it's a subjective quiz.  So, is being 78% addicted to social media a good thing?  Given that I live, work and breathe social media, is it a problem?  Is it something that I want to change?  What would happen if I lost one or all of my social media networks without warning?

Facebook is the network where I have my longest and most involved personal history with interactions, photographs, friends, family, likes and comments all laid out in a timeline; a diary of my life from July 2006 to today. Could I stand to lose 6 years worth of  personal history without blinking, if Facebook decides to suspend my account or I lose access for whatever reason? For me the answer is no, absolutely not, and I have taken several steps to safeguard this data:
  1. Ensure that backup copies of all photographs are kept on my computer and not deleted when uploaded to Facebook.
  2. Download photographs published by friends that I am tagged in and want to keep.
  3. Activate mobile access to Facebook, providing an alternate authentication method.
  4. Add secondary administrators to all groups and pages that I manage.
  5. Download an archive copy of my Facebook Data.
Another security feature that is worth considering is 'Trusted Friends', which allows you to nominate between 3 to 5 friends to enable you to recover a locked account using a password reset process.

Safeguarding an existing profile is a far better solution than signing up for a new profile and starting to rebuild from scratch, especially one that is used to manage multiple groups and pages.  It is also not possible to merge personal profiles; so, if an account is recovered after you set up a new profile, you have to make a choice about which account to continue using.

What would happen to you if you lost all of your social media profiles and access rights without warning?